Types of Digital Printing

Thermal Transfer

A powder coated foil is thermally transferred onto the print substrate creating a permanent weather resistant product. Enabling process and spot colour printed images to be produced and decal cut without curing or drying time required. Due to the permanence of the image no further laminating is required.

Substrates - Conventional self-adhesive vinyl, clear static cling, magnetic, semi-rigid PVC, polycarbonate, polyester, reflective, one way vision film, photo-luminescent and a variety of other specialized materials.

True-solvent Inkjet

True solvent ink will optimally saturate the media, partially soften it, and use chemical binding agents to anchor the ink pigments to the media. Pre and post-heaters create the optimal temperatures for these processes to occur.

The higher the solvent content the greater the chemical ingression into the substrate surface. Creating a permanent, high quality, image with a high outdoor life expectancy without the need for over laminating. All images can be decal cut to any shape.

Substrates - Many different materials are available and more are being developed on an on going basis.