A high gloss thermoplastic sheet with excellent clarity, a hard surface and excellent weather, UV and chemical resistance, available in many colours and thicknesses, ideal for general signage and production of high quality machine plates and fascias also referred to as PERSPEX or PLEXIGLAS which are both trade names.


Many types of specialized self-adhesives can be applied to none adhesive label stock to ensure adhesion for the hardest application.Adhesive can also be cut so as to allow selective application, i.e. removed from a clear window within an overlay or fascia. Please contact our technical department to discuss any requirements.


Nameplates and information plates can be produced in both gloss and matt aluminium from 0.08mm foil to 1.5mm thick plate. Using the ano-dye process (see below) these are extremely hard wearing and resistant to chemicals.


A print process that dyes the surface of part anodised aluminium which is then sealed to create a sub surface print which is resistant to weathering and chemical attack.


Many label stocks can be supplied with an anti-glare surface which eliminates reflection and glare from the label in difficult lighting conditions.


Exilco can produce high quality artwork for any design and supply proofs either on paper or electronically. We can also accept customers own designs via email (see FILE FORMATS).


Lapel, name and corporate ID badges can be supplied to any style shape or colour.

Ball Chains

Ideal to affix labels/tags to non uniform products. Can be supplied in any length or in rolls complete with cups for more variable applications.


Nylon reinforced PVC banners any size or colour with full photographic reproduction and any wording for use at indoor or outdoor events, such as sporting events, exhibitions, shows or as temporary advertising signs for products or special promotions. All banners are supplied with reinforced brass eyelets.


Variable barcodes can be added to most label stock. Ideal for stock, asset and security identification.


Raised edge or full dome buttons can be embossed on a variety of label stock to give a control panel or touch pad a more mechanical feel, adhesive can be removed so as not to hinder the buttons action.


An ideal promotional gift, produced to any shape or colour. A cost effective way to ensure your brand/company is given a high profile.


Exilco can produce colours to all the standard matching systems (RAL, Pantone, BS etc) and match to colour samples provided.


Customers own components can be overprinted or engraved using a wide variety of print processes.

Control Panels

Can be produced in a wide variety of materials, engraved for single commissions or printed on the reverse of acrylic/polycarbonate etc for multiple colour or complex designs and harsher environments. Component cut-outs can be added for switches, dials, displays etc.


Also known as cutting forms are used to produce complex shapes and to add cut-outs and shapes to labels, decals and overlays.

Data Plates

A product designed for the insertion of variable information about a product at assembly. Materials range from sheet aluminium for stamping to computer imprintable polyester, which can be hand written or added via an office printer.


A term used to describe a more complex label often multiple colours or complex shape used to enhance or decorate a product.


A material generally used for road signage and free standing external signs. It is a double side aluminium sandwich with a light phenolic core. Available in a variety of colours.


Digital printing removes the requirement for films, plates, screens etc. as the labels/images are printed directly from computer to a digital printer which makes the process ideal for short run multi-colourproduction and the production of completely variable products i.e. barcode sequential numbering as a simple text file can be merged into any print. Recent advances in digital print ensure high quality print and very good life expectancy for outdoor use.


A clear protective layer on both sides of a sign or label allowing installation in harsh or hazardous environments.


A machining process which cuts away the top surface of materials to either show a different colour below (see engraving laminates) or the engraving can be in-filled with a colour, or left natural on a wide variety of other materials. A very hard wearing process ideal for a wide variety of applications.


A chemical process which removes the top layer of, usually, stainless steel and then in-filled in any colour to give a stunning and completely durable plate ideal for external product identification and product branding.

File Format

Graphics files can be sent to us in a wide range of formats. We recommend that you contact Exilco to discuss compatible formats. Exilco operate a PC platform on a fibre optic connection.


An integral part of most print processes, when artwork has been approved for production a film set is produced (one film for each colour to be printed) and all subsequent images are produced from them. All film work at Exilco is done in-house so that tight deadlines can be met and costs controlled.


Labels, nameplates, signs etc. can be supplied with a wide variety of fixings i.e. Self adhesive, holes, key rings, ball chains, Velcro, frames and many more.

Fluted Board

Twin wall fluted corrugated polypropylene sheet often referred to as correx. Light weight and hard wearing, it is an ideal material for estate agents boards and site boards. Available in a range of colours and thickness.

Foam PVC

A rigid extruded free foamed PVC sheet with a closed cell structure often referred to as foamex. A lighter, cheaper alternative to PVC sheet. Ideal for general signage and A boards. Available in Gloss, matt, interior and exterior grades and a variety of colours and thickness.

Four Colour

A printing process using 4 process colours, cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) to produce a full colour image.

Free Issue

A term used to describe components supplied by a customer for over printing or engraving. For example, switch spurs, metal fabrications or enclosures.

Half Tones

The term Halftone refers to the pattern of dots of varying sizes applied to an image of varying tones, or same sized dots applied to a tint of colour, when output to film for printing enabling a colour graduation\variation to be achieved or multiple colours when using CMYK (see FOUR COLOUR)

Heat Seal

Adhesives and label stocks are available that are heat activated. These are ideal for applying to carpet backs or similar products.

Hot Foil

A print process that transfers a powder coating onto vinyl, paper, PVC etc by heat producing a permanent image. Labels can be supplied on rolls or sheets.

Information Plates

A broad description for plates that require variable information to be added at point of application. These may be aluminium, which are stamped. Sheeted computer printable polyester for use on a laser printer or simple matt labels for hand written information.

Key Rings

In addition to standard key fobs, key rings can be supplied with tags or discs for valve identification or temporary marking of difficult products. (See ball chains)

Kiss Cut

A term used to describe partial cutting of a self adhesive label. The release liner or the label stock can be cut to either provide easy application or produce sheeted labels of different sizes.


A protective film applied to the front face of a label to give greater protection against chemicals and weathering.

Light Stop

A self-adhesive vinyl product that has a white face but will totally block out light or images that it is applied over. This makes it an ideal material for double sided window stickers or to apply over information or designs that are not required.


Mimic or schematic diagrams can be manufactured in a wide range of materials and sizes ideal for fire exit plans, machine layouts or control system drawings.


Mouse mats can be produced to a customers own design or our design team can easily produce eye catching layouts. Manufactured from hard wearing mark resist PVC for accurate mouse ball tracking. The graphic is printed sub-surface to ensure longevity and encapsulated with a 4mm synthetic rubber base that will not perish or slip. A very attractive, memorable and effective promotional product.


Mark resist PVC is a sheeted PVC product which has been coated with a matt textured surface which is mark resistant. An ideal product for labels and overlays that are likely to be scuffed or knocked.


A term used to describe a plate or decal that is usually placed on a product to brand or advertise the manufacturer or distributor. Nameplates can be produced in a vast range of materials and designs to promote and enhance any product.

Parcel Tape

An excellent promotional device that delivers effective and economical advertising. Up to 3 colours can be printed onto a coloured or white background.

Peel & Seal

A term used to describe a label or tag which can be hand written with variable information, and subsequently self laminated to protect the information. Ideal for equipment test records and service tags. The information can not be altered after lamination.


Also known as removable, Is a term used to describe an adhesive that can be easily removed. Ideal for semi permanent window stickers and shipping labels etc.


Can be added to many materials to produce security seals, multi part labels or simply to aid application of the label.


Perspex is the most common term for acrylic sheet which is a high gloss thermoplastic sheet with excellent clarity, a hard surface and excellent weather, UV and chemical resistance, available in many colours and thicknesses, ideal for general signage and the production of high quality machine plates and fascias. (See ACRYLIC)


Engraved plaques for office buildings, presentations or dedications can be manufactured in brass, aluminium, acrylic or many other materials.


A highly robust material that can be supplied in many forms. From aluminium effect label stock to rigid anti-glare sheet (ideal for harsh environments). Polyester is resistant to most general chemicals and has high UV stability.

PVC-Polyvinyl Chloride

A type of thermoplastic polymer which is versatile and cheap, often referred to as PVC. This includes plasticized PVC and unplasticized PVC (uPVC). Available various colours including white and clear and thicknesses from 0.14mm to 3mm. Ideal for a wide range of labels, decals, signs and tags. PVC offers excellent UV stability plus a high level of impact resistance.

Rating Plates

A description for plates that require variable information to be added at point of application. These may be aluminium, which are stamped. Sheeted computer printable polyester for use on a laser printer or simple matt labels for hand written information.

Resin Domes

Resin dome badges or bubble badges are a very eye catching enhancement to any product. The resin completely encapsulates the image giving the badge a 3D appearance. Available in hard or soft resin.

Security Labels

Many specialist materials are available for asset marking and tamper evidence. Consecutive numbering, barcodes and postcode stencils can be incorporated to produce a secure seal or tamper proof label. Ideal for asset marking and to provide a secure seal for many applications.

Short Run

A term used to describe a smaller production run. With the advances in digital technology it is now possible to produce small quantities of complex design without the price being prohibitive.

Stainless Steel

Chemically etched stainless steel plates provide the ultimate in quality and longevity. Multi-colour plates can be produced in a variety of thicknesses and grades i.e. Brushed, matt or polished. For small quantities or variable information plates can be engraved ideal for tags and product information plates.


A printing technique that prints on the reverse side of clearmaterial. Therefore protecting the print from wear. Translucent ink can beapplied to produce display windows.


Paper, metal, PVC or peel and seal tags can be produced. A variety of fixings are available including string, ball chain, key rings, cable ties etc.

Tamper Evident

A destructible vinyl also known as ultra destruct. When an attempt to is made to remove it, the material fragments. An ideal material for asset marking (see security labels).


A common term for phenolic cored melamine surfaced engraving laminate. The principal material used for engraved labels and control panels.

Variable Info

Information that is supplied by a customer for inclusion onto a nameplate or label. I.e. A list of names for desk plates or simple numbering or identification code.


A soft PVC clear sheet used for carpet book covers or sample swatch covers. Also used for product advertising in the soft furnishings and bed Industry.


A soft self-adhesive PVC that is produced in a vast range of colours and properties. Used to produced the majority of labels, signs and decals in production today. Ideal for car stickers, vehicle livery, Safety labelling etc.

Window Stickers

A reverse printed self adhesive label ideal for marketing campaigns or any window signage. Self-cling or window-stick is also available which can be repositioned after application.