• Yamazaki

    Exilco Ltd have been supplying labels and nameplates to Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd for over 12 years and are a trusted partner.

    Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd is based at the European manufacturing plant in Worcester, which also houses the UK Technology Centre and gives customers direct access to support from the UK's largest and most expert team of engineers, with vast experience in machine tool applications for almost every industry sector.


    Yamazaki expects its suppliers to perform on-time, to specification and at a competitive price; Exilco have consistently met these expectations. Additionally, Exilco has supported Yamazaki when new labelling applications have arisen by sourcing and testing new label materials and adhesives to meet their exacting standards.

    Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd are continually innovating to develop new products and Exilco are able to react quickly to keep up with changing label requirements. Additionally, Yamazaki offer comprehensive service support and refurbishment of older machines so, Exilco maintains historic records and stocks of labels for Yamazaki.

  • Seko UK Ltd

    Exilco Ltd have been supplying labels and fascia panels to Seko UK Ltd for over 12 years and have become an integral part of their business.

    Seko is a significant manufacturer of metering pumps and dosing systems with over 40 years of continuous experience. They have gained a worldwide leader position in many fields by supplying innovating products and offering reliable solutions for the dosing, injection and transfer of liquids, together with an efficient control of the related chemical parameters.

    Artwork Service

    In addition to supplying labels, Exilco support Seko by placing at their disposal our artwork service to help their sales team to sell Seko products with third party branding. Seko appreciate being able to show potential new customers a visual of how the product will look in their corporate style. We have developed third party branded artwork for over 70 of Seko’s clients.

  • Capital Safety Ltd

    Exilco Ltd have been supplying labels and nameplates to Capital Safety for 7 years and have worked consistently with them to develop labelling solutions for the demanding environments where their products are installed.

    Capital Safety's industry-leading products and solutions, which include harnesses, lanyards, self-retracting lifelines and engineered systems, are sold through the globally recognized brands DBI-SALA® and PROTECTA®.

    Heat shield

    Capital Safety approached Exilco with an unusual problem.

    Fall arrest anchor points are typically installed on roof-tops, often prior to the roof being sealed. It is essential that the label on the anchor point survives the roofing process when it can be exposed to the direct flame used to melt bitumen. We were asked to assist in developing a ‘heat-shield’ to protect the label while the roofers worked. It need to survive direct flame, protect the label and be removable once the roofers had finished. We were able to source suitable materials and adhesives and supply prototypes for test within a week of being given the task. The first batch of ‘heat-shields’ was delivered within 3 weeks.

  • Ladderstore

    Exilco Ltd have been printing the Ladder Log Safety Inspection System Tags for over 7 years.

    Ladder Log is a ladder inspection system that ensures businesses meet all the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) 2005. The Ladder Inspection Tags are attached to ladders and provide clear information about the ladder and it’s current status for users.

    Exilco have consistently provided a high quality PVC product, be it the standard Green / Red or Orange Tags, or the Personalised Inspection Tag which is designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements. Exilco also print an adhesive sticker version of the Ladder Log Inspection Tag which also meets the high quality required for trade and industrial use. Take a look at the full range of Ladder Log products here: www.ladderstore.com/ladder-log